1966/7 Season

After a two year tenure in the SHEFFIELD AND DISTRICT SUNDAY LEAGUE [now the MEADOWHALL SUNDAY LEAGUE] from 1964  to 1966, and the fact that our own ground at CATCLIFFE RECREATION GROUND was unavailable to us, a brief discussion took place within the post office to try to form a league in Rotherham to play Sunday football, which lead to a meeting being called at the Millmoor Hotel.

The meeting was held there in late September 1966, and at that meeting eleven clubs were present and showed interest in forming a league. It was then decided that we could start a league and with Brian Beeley being the secretary nominated was to go through the procedures of registering with s@hcfa and provide a initial copy of the rules etc and get the league sanctioned, and in  late October this was achieved with the new league being sanctioned by s@hcfa with new rules form ‘d’ and  form ’e’ being completed. At the first meeting a committee was formed with MR JACK COX being made chairman, he being a bus inspector with Rotherham transport, MR BILL LAYNE was to be the first vice chairman BILL was well known and was involved in the Sunday league for numerous years till his death in 2005. The league began on the first Sunday in November with 12 teams as  a club EASTWOOD  HOTEL joined within two days of the start of the season, again the person to put this team in was another stalwart  DENNIS MARSH who did become chairman for many years and was involved in local football for over 5o years. The first shirts they had to play in there first match was their best white shirts which they used to go out in. The rest of the committee places at this stage were to be performed by Brian Beeley for the first season of the league.

During this first season no trophies were awarded due to the lack of funds, however a donation of plaques by MR LEWIS PURSHOUSE who was at that time the chairman of ROTHERHAM UNITED FC. The first cup final was held at the RAWMARSH HIL 60 ground when EASTWOOD HOTEL overcame CLIFTON HOTEL.

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